Submissions are now closed for the 2023 festival season.

We had a record number of entries this year, so we want to thank everyone who submitted!

Congratulations to the following for being selected for the 2023 Flatwater Film Festival!

87 — Seth T Jones
The 7 Year Senior — Joseph John Merkel
All Grown Up — Meg Dole
Anabranch — AJ Handley
The Art of the Vinyl Record — Tim Guthrie
Ash — Julia Hinson, Kristin Tripe
Assassin’ Delight — Brandon Fiscus
Attack of the Swole People — Elijah Broughton
Bare Metal — Brandon Robert Gries, Ryan Freng, John Shoemaker
Beauty Bandits — Alexander Hamilton
Behind the Mystery of the Manor — Joseph William Simmons
Betty Lou had a Son — David Michael Long
Between the Lines — Shelby Hagerdon, M.G. White
Blocked — Andrew Sindt
Built to Last — Pete Brown, Alayna Kustka, Josh Young
The Cat Came Back — Bill Hedges
Chloe’s Happy Hour — Patrick Rea
Counting Cranes — Mariah Lundgren
Darkest of Lies — Kelly Schwarze
The Day of February First — Caleb Stout, Maverick Knox
The Deep End — David Grabarkewitz
The Dying Sensation — Isabel Pineda
Erased — Marcus January
Exodus — Nathan Matthew Blizzard
Fall Away — Tim Barr
Father Knows Best — David Kuskie
Followed — Emery Whitney
For the Love of Dick — Jesse Eastman
Game Plan — Sophia Winters
Gills — Griffin M. Presnell
Girl — Emma Franco
Good Enough — Greg Grosse
Homewrecker — Candice Richardson
Human Error — Madeline Schmit
Hushing A Quiet Clamor — Justin Michael Milani
If Walls Could Talk — Cara Lechtenberger
Just Chill — Wheeler Winston Dixon
The King of Berry — Nathan L Gusman, Gage M Dawson
Laboratories of democracy: Nebraska’s Unicameral — Ann Hartley
Leo’s Potatoes — J. Søren Viuf
Leviathan — Taylor Thornburg
Manhunt — Greg A Gale
Mollie’s Goodbye — Blake Bodlak
Ms. Trust — Alicia López
Nostalgia — Katie Otten
Omnitask — Mark Renken
Part of the Family — Tyler Horner
Pigface 2 — Patrick Lambrecht, Josh Weixelman
Playing Dead — Tim Mantil
Positivity Wins, Negativity Loses — M RIZ
Princess — Rylie Wyane Mills
Prone — Andrew Sindt
The Retirement of Mr. Jones — Matt Townley
Revenge of the Roman Sorceress — Nathaniel Jonathan Slater
Rising Water — Becky Hughes McMillen
Schrödinger’s Cat — Bill Hedges
Sheena’s Secret — Joseph Vrenick
A Single Day — Caden Bye, Nicole Vawser
Skulker — Tari Kristine Robinson
Stalker Grandma — Patrick Rea
Strange Constellation — Paul Christian Glenn
Teddy — Jake Johansen
This Again? — Matt Brooks
Twenties — Joshua Allen LaBure, Zachary Gutierrez
Unspeakable Teens — Mark Baldridge
Water War: The Perkins County Canal Project — Logan Streeter, Kourtnie Bokoskie, Jonathan Dekleva
What (Day)Dreams May Come — William Fischer
Where the Platte River Used to Flow — Chris Machian
The Women Who Ran — Joshua Allen LaBure

Selection Committee

Greg Gale | Emily Gale | Patrick Lambrecht | Heather Waite
Elizabeth Weixelman | Josh Weixelman